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12 Genoa's landmarks - the magic dozen of Genova!

Another post from the students of the "Inglese turistico avanzato" ESF course organized by FIRE and promoted by the Provincia di Genova, who drafted a list of Genoa's landmarks.
A tool fit to effectively promote it, we hope!
Art, culture, landscape, food and music all feature in this overview of Liguria's capital city.
As their teacher, I went through some minor editing  - and of course I had my landmark in!
They did a good job (once more), but please post in your comments and hints, thanks!
Luisa Puppo, Ligucibario

Genoa's landmarks

The Lanterna (everybody!)
The caruggi (everybody again)
The panorama from Spianata Castelletto (Cristina)
The fountain in Piazza De Ferrari (Laura)
The steep hills around the city, so close to the sea (Andrea P.)
Basil pesto sauce (Andrea F.)
The walls surrounding the ancient city (Alessio)
The botteghe storiche - ancient typical shops (Silvia)
The views from the Castello d'Albertis, set among trees and history (Silvia C.)
Palazzo Ducale (Claudia)
Fabrizio De André (Valentina)
Focaccia genovese (Luisa "the Teacher")

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