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5 things to do in Genoa

"5 things to do in Genoa" according to the students of today's English course. 4 groups put themselves to the test. If you think something is missing, do not hesitate to send your advice!
  1. Visit the "Acquario", one of the biggest of the world. Here you can see many species of fishes, dolphins, penguins, seals, reptiles and so on.
  2. Go eating "focaccette di Recco" on Recco's dock, there's a little place where you can buy a bunch of them for pennies. It's mandatory to taste these great fried croquettes filled with stracchino (a soft Italian cheese).
  3. Go trekking on the hills between "Forte Sperone" and "Forte Diamante"; there's an amazing city-sight and it's a good way to lose the Kgs you will surely put on staying here.
  4. Go for a walk along Nervi's promenade on a sunny day. The best thing you can do here is to eat an ice-cream staring at the sea.
  5. Join the Movida of the narrow lanes of the old city, especially on Friday night. You should ask for a cocktail in "Piazza delle Erbe" and see how the city changes after midnight in order to grasp the soul of Genoa.  

  1. Visit the Acquario di Genova, one of the most important Aquariums in Europe. Here you can find a variety of animals like fish, dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, penguins, turtle etc.
  2. Walk along the typical narrow lanes tasting a piece of focaccia.
  3. Enjoy a panoramic view of the port, the Old Town, the sea and the new city from belvedere Castelletto.
  4. Walk along Corso Italia and enjoy the sunset over the sea. At the end of Corso Italia there is a characteristic seaside village called Boccadasse with its narrow and colorful houses, built in the typical style of Genoa. 
  5. You can't miss the "derby della Lanterna", the football match between Genoa and Sampdoria, one of the most coreographic and heard among fans.

In Genoa you can visit the old town, full of narrow alleys and beautiful shops. Genoa is important for its Porto Antico (Old Harbour) where you must visit the Acquario, one of the biggest in Europe. If you take the metro of Caricamento you'll arrive in few minutes in the most important square of Genoa: Piazza de Ferrari, where you can appreciate Palazzo Ducale and the fountain in the center of the  square. Near the Acquario there's the possibility to take a bout that brings you to one of the most impressive places of the Region : San Fruttuoso di Camogli. There's just a Abbey, a beach and a few little houses but if you visit Genoa you must see this paradise of silence and nature. When you're hungry there are a lot of possibilities to taste many typical dishes especially in the " Trattorie" , for example trofie al pesto,farinata and focaccia.

1. Visit the Acquario, one of the greatest acquariums in Europe, where you can find several kinds of fishes and other sea animals; you can see sharksm, jellyfishes, sea snakes, penguins, dolphins and a lot of more.
2. Taste some of the traditional foods:
    - focaccia . You can find a lot of bakeries that sell excelllent focaccia.
    - pesto that is a basil sauce you can taste with pasta.
    - prescinseua that is a spreadable  curd and you eat it alone or with bread.
3. Visit Portofino: it's a very small village that face the sea and where you can meet a lot of vips and their huge yachts.
4. Moreover you can book a tour on a boat to visit the wonderful coast or walk among a lot of colorful  houses or just to admire nature and the parks.
5. See the symbol of Genoa: the Lanterna. Its light is visible almost all over the near villages and towns and if you go on the top you can see the entire port and city along the coast.

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