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30 things to do in Genoa (and surroundings)

Get the locals' advice and reach out for Genoa's miss-nots!
1.            Eat a slice of Focaccia with cappuccino for breakfast;
2.            Lose yourself in the medieval caruggi, where present meets past;
3.            Take a tour of the twelve historical Forti, the old fortresses that defended the city during wars and attacks (Begato, Castellaccio, Crocetta, Diamante, Fratello minore, Puin, Quezzi, Ratti, Richelieu, Santa Tecla, Sperone, Tenaglia);
4.            Touch ray’s skin at the Acquario, the largest aquarium in Europe;
5.            Visit the old port (Porto Antico) and enjoy the views from the Bigo;
6.            Have a dish of trofie al pesto, a characteristic Genoese specialty;
7.            Sail from the Porto Antico (Old Port) to Pegli with the Nave Bus;
8.            Have a walk in Genoa during the Rolli days (Palazzi designated to host personalities in ancient times);
9.            Visit the ancient doors of the city wall, Porta Soprana and Porta dei Vacca;
10.        Experience and live the typical “movida”;
11.        Enjoy the panoramic view from Righi;
12.        Plunge your feet in the sea of Boccadasse and sip a cocktail in its spectacular beach;
13.        Rent a pair of rollerblades and skate in the Corso Italia’s promenade;

14.        Get some fried fish under the Sottoripa porticoes;
15.        Go shopping in the Mercato Orientale (Eastern Market);
16.        Touch the unexploded  bomb in S. Lorenzo’s cathedral;
17.        Visit Colombo’s House in Piazza Dante;
18.        Climb to the Lanterna, Genoa’s symbol;
19.        Enter the submarine docked in the Darsena;
20.        Discover the elevated Church in Piazza Banchi;
21.        Sunbathe laying in Piazza della Vittoria while eating some take away food;
22.        Touch silence and peace in the monumental graveyard of Staglieno, one of the most important in Europe;
23.        Eat an ice cream sitting in Piazza De Ferrari and go shopping in famous streets such as Via Roma, Via XX Settembre and the city center.
24.        Taste piping-hot farinata in Via Dei Giustiniani
25.        Enjoy gelato at Don Paolo’s ice cream parlor in Spianata Castello and admire the spectacular views of Genoa
26.        Explore Nervi’s promenade and its parks, with the beautiful Roseto (Rose Garden)
27.        Take a ferry from Santa Margherita Ligure to Portofino
28.        Discover the beauty of the coast practising paragliding
29.        Taste cheese focaccia in Recco.

30.        Visit the Entroterra with its elegant ancient villas such as Villa Serra di Comago

By Alessandro, Eleonora, Federico, Giorgia, Lorenzo Michela, Noam and Paolo. 

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