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Luisa Puppo
Luisa Puppo is the co-owner of Welcome Management, a consultancy firm specialized in marketing and training for the tourism, enogastronomy and retail sectors.
As a senior consultant (project design, project coordinator, AE trainer) she works on account of VET centres, SMEs’ organizations, consortia, Chambers of Commerce and other local authorities. She boasts 25-year experience in SME development plans and regional development projects, as well as European Social Fund, Lifelong Learning Programme and EU territorial cooperation frameworks.
Her expertise areas include MSMEs marketing, internationalisation, Business English-related micro languages, cross cultural communication, social media marketing.
She also specializes in the varied facets of destination management / branding (with a focus on rural areas) and special interest tourism offers (e.g., art & culture, active & sports, food&wine…).
Gourmet English lecturer, translator and blogger, she is one of the editors of Ligucibario® (, a website dedicated to the enogastronomy, culture and traditions of the Mediterranean basin. She also edits the LiguriabyLuisa blog (English).

She is the co-author of “Day by day English. L’inglese quotidiano per l’accoglienza turistico-commerciale”Genova gourmet. Storie e ricette della tradizione – History, recipes and traditions” and “A scuola di cacao. Conosci e degusta il cioccolato – The cocoa school. Learn and taste chocolate”.

Born in Genoa, on Women's Day 2018 she was appointed as one of the "Ambassadors of the the City of Genoa" by Mayor Marco Bucci.

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