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Corso inglese intermedio EBT - Telephone English

1. Language Focus: Identifying yourself
Good morning, Yasmine speaking (person receiving call)
Hello, this is Yasmine Alcide from Spike British School. (caller)
Hello, my name is Yasmine Alcide. I’m calling from Spike British School. (caller)
Hi, it’s Yasmine from Melbourne. (caller, informal)
Hi, Yasmine here. (caller, informal)

2. Language Focus: Saying who you want to speak to
I’d like to speak to Mr. Jones, please.
Could I have the Accounting Department, please?
Could you put me through to Mrs. Weaver, please?
Could I have extension 234, please?
Could I speak to someone in the Accounting Department?
Is Mr. Robinson there, please?

3. Language Focus: Leaving a message
Could you give him/her a message?
Can I leave him/her a message?
Please ask him/her to call me back. My number is…
Please ask him/her to ring me back.
Please ask him/her to get back to me.

4. Language Focus: Explaining the purpose of your call
I’m phoning about…
The reason I’m calling is…
I need some information about…
It’s in connection with…
I’d like to…

I’m ringing to….

5. Language Focus: Asking for repetition
Sorry, I didn’t catch your name / your number…
Sorry, could you repeat your name / number / etc.
Sorry, I didn’t hear that.
Sorry, I didn’t understand/get that.
Could you spell that?

6. Language Focus: Acknowledging repetition
Ok, I’ve got that.
(Ms. Ventura.) I understand.
I see, thank you.

7. Language Focus: Saying someone is not available
I’m sorry, he/she is not available (right now).
Sorry, he/she’s away for the week.
Sorry, he/she’s not in.
I’m afraid he/she’s in a meeting (at the moment).
He/she’s in Paris.  He/she won’t be back until Monday.

8. Language Focus: Taking messages
Can I take a message?
Would you like to leave a message?
If you give me your number I’ll ask him/her to call you later.
Shall I ask him/her to call you back?

9. Language Focus: Offering to help in other ways
Can anyone else help you?
Can I help you perhaps?
Would you like to speak to his/her assistant?

10. Language focus: Making arrangements
Can you make it on Monday or Tuesday?
Would two fifteen suit you?
I’m afraid I’m not free on Monday morning, but Tuesday afternoon would be OK.
Yes, that would be fine.
Then let's make a provisional appointment for two fifteen.  That’s Tuesday, the third, right?
Could I ring back to confirm?

11. Making arrangements: Key words
Fix = Arrange
Manage = Able to do
Shift = Change, move
Suit = Be convenient
Ideal = Perfect

12. Language focus: Changing arrangements
I’m sorry, but he’s not available at the time we arranged.  Could you possibly move the meeting to four o’clock?
I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet on Tuesday after all. Can we arrange another time?
My plane may not arrive on time so I would like to move the meeting to a couple of hours later, is that possible for you?

13. Language focus:  Ending a call
I’m afraid I have another meeting starting.  Thanks for calling.
I think that covers everything.  Is there anything else?
I’m sorry, we will have to leave it there.
Thank you for your help.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
I’ll get back to you.
Have a good weekend/trip/holiday.

14. Language focus: Confirming arrangements
Can I check that?  You said…
All right, then.  We’ll see you on the 18th at 9 sharp.
Very good.  I have you down for 5 o’clock at the Paris campus.
No problems then with 12 noon.  See you then.

15. Phrasal verbs used on the phone or when making arrangements.

to be tied up
to be busy
to pencil in
to make note of a provisional appointment
to get through
to be connected
to look something up
to search and find information (dictionary, database, reference book)
to get back to
to ring the person again with some information
to put someone through
to connect the call for someone
to drop someone a line
to contact someone in an informal manner
to get together
to meet

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